About Elijah Data Security LLC & Elijah Information Technology LLC

ELIJAH offers cybersecurity services through our affiliate Elijah Data Security LLC, and information technology services through our affiliate Elijah Information Technology LLC. Although the ELIJAH companies often leverage shared resources, they operate as separate corporate entities due to the often different markets they serve. Although from a branding standpoint we operate under the ELIJAH name, our service agreements make clear which entity is responsible for performing services.


ELIJAH DATA SECURITY LLC began as an outgrowth of providing digital forensics and incident response services to law firms and their clients. After the storm calmed from each data breach incident, our clients routinely asked what they could have done differently to better protect themselves. ELIJAH DATA SECURITY was formed to assist clients in meeting both proactive and reactive cybersecurity challenges. Proactive offerings include cybersecurity managed services, vulnerability assessment, and penetration testing to help clients reduce cybersecurity risks before an incident occurs. ELIJAH DATA SECURITY also assists law firms and their clients with cybersecurity M&A due diligence, helping evaluate cybersecurity risks inherent in proceeding with a merger or acquisition. ELIJAH DATA SECURITY continues to provide reactive incident response services, helping clients respond when systems potentially have been breached.


ELIJAH INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY LLC was formed because many of our digital forensic clients had general IT needs that occasionally needed augmentation, such as when personnel went on leave or had projects exceeding in-house capabilities. ELIJAH INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY later grew through acquisition, incorporating an existing service provider that focused on break-fix, system upgrades, and IT managed services. We now routinely meet the IT challenges of small to mid-sized organizations.


Drop us a line at 866-354-5240, email info@elijaht.com, or send us a message below. We’d love to hear from you!