ELIJAH’s Cybersecurity M&A Due Diligence services reduce the risks and costs associated with acquiring new businesses.

Cybersecurity M&A Due Diligence is a critical and often overlooked aspect in the process of evaluating whether to go forward with a merger or acquisition, and whether to engage with a new partner or vendor. Data security is integral to ensuring the integrity of every organization’s operations and reputation. Assessing cybersecurity risks can be as important in evaluating deal value and terms as more commonly investigated factors, such as the quality of earnings, customers, and employees. Cybersecurity M&A Due Diligence when performed properly can help minimize risk, reduce costs, and identify potential deal-breakers.


ELIJAH is uniquely positioned to assist companies and their counsel with conducting cybersecurity due diligence. Our data security experts have a wealth of technical experience both in knowing the right questions to ask, and in performing hands-on vulnerability assessments and penetration testing that can help evaluate the seller’s answers. Our executive leadership is comprised of experienced former law firm partners who are data security experts, including work as enforcement counsel for the SEC, and who can bridge the gap between the deal team and information security professionals. This experience has led to award recognition such as the Leading Data Security Provider of the Year in both Florida and Illinois.


ELIJAH can help you successfully perform Cybersecurity M&A Due Diligence in transactions of all sizes. Contact us today to find out how ELIJAH Data Security’s Cybersecurity M&A Due Diligence team can help reduce your risks and give you better visibility into your potential deal.


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