ELIJAH CEO Andy Reisman Becomes First AndyCoin Billionaire

Author: Andy Reisman 2-minute read

Miami, FL May 13, 2021: ELIJAH CEO Andy Reisman has become the first AndyCoin billionaire, leading a new revolution in environmentally sustainable cryptocurrency. AndyCoin eliminates the need for computer mining practices that unnecessarily contribute to climate change. Rather, in its initial release, AndyCoin is powered by a single Excel 2003 xls spreadsheet, managed by Reisman. "Trust and environmental stewardship should be the bedrock of today's leading cryptocurrencies, and I can't think of anyone more trustworthy than me to manage AndyCoin," said Reisman. "By having the entire ecosystem run on a single desktop computer, AndyCoin is over 99.99999% more efficient than Bitcoin, and using Excel 2003 allows 65,534 other AndyCoin pioneers to join me, after factoring in the top row and my own entry." Reisman currently controls 25% of the 1 trillion available AndyCoin market, with an estimated value of 250 billion U.S. dollars, once others realize the value in accepting it. "At $1 per AndyCoin, this represents an absolute bargain compared to the price of Bitcoin," boasted Reisman. Anyone interested in purchasing AndyCoin should contact Reisman at andy.reisman@elijaht.com. "Now is the time," said Reisman, "before we launch our upgraded Excel 2007 based platform, which will open the door to a million more savvy investors."

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