Electronic Discovery Managed Services For Law Firm Clients Since 2003

ELIJAH Is Your No-Overhead eDiscovery Department, Helping You Grow Your Practice

Instant eDiscovery Department, No Overhead

The largest law firms invest tremendous resources building internal eDiscovery departments that can import, process, host, and produce data. With ELIJAH, you can have a world-class electronic discovery infrastructure of your own, with zero investment or overhead. Whether you pass the savings through to your clients or leverage our eDiscovery managed services team as a new firm profit center, ELIJAH helps you market your services and better serve your clients!

Your Own In-House Team of Experts

ELIJAH is an expert services consultancy led by former law firm litigation partners who understand your needs, We have earned industry recognitions including E-Discovery Company of the Year by Lawyer International, and Digital Forensics Provider of the Year by Finance Monthly. With ELIJAH you will have an in-house team who shares the urgency of your matters. We deliver on our slogan: Better Evidence, Clearly.

A New Profit Center

For decades, firms have used facilities management companies to provide services such as photocopying and scanning, and brought in temporary contract reviewers, often at rates that the firm marks up to levels established in client engagement agreements. With ELIJAH, you can turn electronic discovery into a similar profit center. We provide predictable rates for eDiscovery project management, processing, hosting, and production services, all at levels that provide your firm reasonable profit margins, or you can pass the savings on to your clients. Your law firm gets an on-demand eDiscovery department, with no overhead. ELIJAH even offers creative pricing models for practices that focus primarily on plaintiff-side contingency matters.

Helping Grow Your Practice

Many firms market their technology savvy when engaging in business development and client retention efforts. ELIJAH provides cutting edge technology tools, including advanced analytics and artificial intelligence, that you can incorporate into your practice and promote to your clients and prospects. This levels the playing field with the largest law firms, and helps showcase you and your firm as a leader in litigation technology.

Free Initial Consultation

Elijah understands that every law firm faces unique challenges and pain points. We listen carefully and devise solutions tailored to your needs. We do this at no cost to you, so you can evaluate how ELIJAH best can help your practice thrive.

Please contact us to start a conversation about how we best help you leverage technology to increase your client base and profitability through managed eDiscovery services with ELIJAH.


Do You Really Have Extensive eDiscovery Managed Services Experience?

Absolutely! Our experienced electronic discovery team has been implementing managed eDiscovery solutions for almost as long as the eDiscovery industry has been around! We offer a unified solution including consulting, data collection, early case assessment, data hosting, and production services that can enhance law firm marketing efforts, profitability, and client service.

Where do you work?

ELIJAH has offices nationwide to support client needs. We also can perform almost all digital forensic services remotely, and eDiscovery inherently is a remote service. Geography rarely is an impediment to ELIJAH performing any of our services, whether digital forensics, eDiscovery, or cybersecurity and information technology.

You Mentioned Both electronic discovery and eDiscovery. Are they different?

Same thing. Although many clients agree that ELIJAH is the best choice for eDiscovery needs, nobody seems to be able to agree whether it's eDiscovery, E-Discovery, or electronic discovery! Whatever you call it, you are in good hands with ELIJAH.

Is ELIJAH Good at What it Does?

Absolutely, we wouldn’t have lasted for over 19 years otherwise! Our team has earned  numerous industry recognitions for best-in-class service offerings, and The Silicon Review named ELIJAH as one of the 50 most trustworthy companies in the United States. Our team has spearheaded enormous electronic discovery projects, and has a mile-long list of industry certifications and credentials.

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