ELIJAH provides end-to-end eDiscovery expertise to assist law firms and corporate legal departments in efficiently meeting their discovery needs. At every step in the electronic discovery lifecycle, ELIJAH delivers the solutions and expertise you need to successfully manage litigation data.
Using Industry-Leading Software Tools, ELIJAH Can:


Safely collect, filter and process electronic data such as emails and other user-created documents, ensuring preservation of valuable metadata. ELIJAH's expert team is experienced testifying regarding data collections, and assists with matters large and small, including computers, servers, phones, cloud accounts & social media.


Quickly process terabytes of data to build searchable document review databases. During processing, ELIJAH can apply search terms and other data culling strategies so you can focus on key evidence. Upon completion, we can provide industry-leading data hosting solutions, or can deliver processed data to your preferred platform.


Devise solutions to efficiently manage large scale document reviews through the use of cutting-edge early case assessment and data analytics technology. Our ECA platform provides transparency into your data, so you can best decide what data should be promoted for a full review, saving you and your clients time and money.


Simplify complex legal reviews by hosting your data in leading review platforms such as Relativity or Indexed I/O. We offer intuitive interfaces with advanced analytics, including the latest in AI-powered active learning. With ELIJAH, you can leverage artificial intelligence to multiply the speed and efficiency of your expert legal team.


Create endorsed production sets including tiff images, PDFs and/or native files. We can help you manage complex redactions, confidentiality designations, and privilege log creation. Our team works around the clock to help you meet tight deadlines, so you can focus on legal analysis instead of the logistics of production set creation.


Provide expert consulting services regarding eDiscovery best practices, compliance, cost reduction, and evidence spoliation. ELIJAH was founded by former law firm partners who have a deep understanding of the electronic discovery landscape, evidence spoliation, and how to help clients best accomplish their eDiscovery goals.


ELIJAH offers a variety of eDiscovery hosting and analytics platforms to support our clients’ review needs, including:


Relativity is an industry leading document review platform used by most of the country's largest firms, that provides a powerful, intuitive user interface and leverages advanced analytics and machine learning technology to enable efficient document reviews.

Indexed I/O

Indexed I/O is a scalable, cost-effective eDiscovery solution for clients who prefer a "do-it-yourself" option with the flexibility of leveraging ELIJAH's project management team. With no user license costs, Indexed I/O can be highly cost-efficient for matters with large numbers of reviewers.


Brainspace is one of the leading analytics solutions, which can accelerate the process of identifying important documents and help you visualize your case . ELIJAH offers Brainspace as an add-on to our Relativity hosting services, augmenting its analytics and machine learning tools.


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