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Data Hosting with ELIJAH Helps You Quickly Find Key Documents that Win Your Case

With ELIJAH, best-in-class technology allows us to provide data hosting services at reduced costs, while offering a superior client experience. We leverage advanced analytics and artificial intelligence technology that dramatically can increase the efficiency of legal review. Whether leveraging the robust features of Relativity, the user friendly experience of Indexed I/O, or other options, ELIJAH offers clients the ability to review their data more efficiently supported by an around-the-clock team of project managers. Whether for a single project or managed services for a corporate legal department, ELIJAH offers data hosting solutions that fit the needs and budgets of clients of all sizes.

ELIJAH Has a Long History of Delivering Expert Data Hosting Solutions to Our Clients.

ELIJAH began offering data hosting services in 2006, well before most other eDiscovery service providers were founded. Although our software has advanced with the times, our approach focusing on responsiveness and efficiency has remained consistent. While others focus on maximizing revenues from particular projects, ELIJAH takes the long view, making recommendations that save our clients money.

No Case is Too Big – or Too Small

ELIJAH has the scale to support the largest electronic discovery data hosting matters, leveraging analytics technology and data filtering strategies to make such cases manageable regardless of scale. We have an over 19-year track record of success in large-scale, bet-the-company disputes. When you need the highest level of responsiveness and expertise, our focused approach is second-to-none.

Although we routinely work on large disputes, many are under the mistaken impression that eDiscovery data hosting is not useful in small cases. Nothing could be further from the truth. Data hosting scales with the size of each case, and eliminating the hassle and storage costs associated with paper can make sense in even the smallest matters.

ELIJAH Has a Track Record of Successfully Providing Data Hosting Solutions

ELIJAH’s eDiscovery experts have an extensive track record delivering effective data hosting solutions that help clients understand their data more quickly, leading to better outcomes. Our team of digital forensics experts often is on the front-lines of data collection, and we can package together a unified collection and review solution that helps reduce data volumes in a verifiable, defensible manner.  We help you understand your data better, faster, and earlier.

Why Clients Choose ELIJAH for eDiscovery Data Hosting

ELIJAH’s corporate culture is rooted in confidentiality, integrity, and expertise. The Silicon Review recognized that commitment in naming ELIJAH as one of the 50 most trustworthy companies in the United States. Over the years, ELIJAH has received numerous industry recognitions for its award-winning digital forensics, eDiscovery, cybersecurity and information technology expertise.

Experienced. Responsive. Trusted. Wise. These are some of the most frequent adjectives clients use to describe ELIJAH.

Finally, longevity matters. We started providing eDiscovery hosting services before the iPhone was invented. We have seen competitors emerge, grow, acquire, divest, and collapse. Some hire huge sales forces, over-promise, and under-deliver, requiring never-ending investments in sales and marketing to find new prospects. ELIJAH has stood the test of time, growing and thriving based almost entirely on repeat business and client referrals. You can trust ELIJAH to deliver on our slogan Better Evidence, Clearly, because we would not still be here otherwise.


Do You Really Have Extensive eDiscovery Data Hosting Experience?

Absolutely! Our experienced electronic discovery team has been implementing data hosting solutions for almost as long as the eDiscovery industry has been around! We offer several hosting platforms in which you can leverage analytics and data filtering tools during your review process, providing you with technology appropriate to your particular matters.

Where do you work?

ELIJAH has offices nationwide to support client needs. We also can perform almost all digital forensic services remotely, and eDiscovery inherently is a remote service. Geography rarely is an impediment to ELIJAH performing any of our services, whether digital forensics, eDiscovery, or cybersecurity and information technology.

You Mentioned Both electronic discovery and eDiscovery. Are they different?

Same thing. Although many clients agree that ELIJAH is the best choice for eDiscovery needs, nobody seems to be able to agree whether it's eDiscovery, E-Discovery, or electronic discovery! Whatever you call it, you are in good hands with ELIJAH.

Is ELIJAH Good at What it Does?

Absolutely, we wouldn’t have lasted for over 19 years otherwise! Our team has earned  numerous industry recognitions for best-in-class service offerings, and The Silicon Review named ELIJAH as one of the 50 most trustworthy companies in the United States. Our team has spearheaded enormous electronic discovery projects, and has a mile-long list of industry certifications and credentials.

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