Electronic Discovery Managed Services For Corporate Clients Since 2003

ELIJAH Delivers eDiscovery Managed Services that Reduce Your Costs, Risk & Stress

With ELIJAH, you are bringing in an expert partner. We deliver a managed eDiscovery services team of experts aligned with you to reduce risk, stress, and costs.

ELIJAH understands that every organization faces unique challenges and pain points. We listen carefully and devise solutions tailored to your needs. We do this at no cost to you, and even can devise solutions guaranteed to reduce your overall legal spend.

Team of Experts

ELIJAH first and foremost is an expert services consultancy. Led by former law firm litigation partners who understand your needs, ELIJAH has earned industry recognitions including E-Discovery Company of the Year by Lawyer International, and Digital Forensics Provider of the Year by Finance Monthly. With ELIJAH you always are in the hands of an expert who shares the urgency of your needs. We deliver on our slogan: Better Evidence, Clearly.

Reducing Risk

For nearly twenty years, ELIJAH has been advising clients regarding proportional data preservation, implementing forensically sound data collections across a diversity of electronically stored information sources, and working with IT, Legal, and Management stakeholders to responsibly manage key data. We also help clients minimize risk through digital forensic investigative solutions that can identify employee data theft, flag inappropriate behavior, and deter potential misconduct. Downstream eDiscovery services flow from our digital forensics expertise, ensuring that there is a verifiable chain of custody from the first moment a document is collected through when it finally is shown to a finder of fact.

Lowering Stress

ELIJAH delivers clear communication and timely solutions as an integrated part of your team. We seamlessly manage the eDiscovery lifecycle so that you and others can focus on core business responsibilities, reducing unnecessary stress.

Adding Value

ELIJAH leverages cutting-edge eDiscovery technology that reduces data volumes and enhancing efficiency of outside counsel, including Early Case Assessment tools, advanced analytics, and technology assisted review. Our objective is to add value to your organization, and net reduce overall legal spend.

does not employ document review attorneys and generally defers to our clients to perform that function. Nevertheless, ELIJAH does maintain relationships with document review providers and can leverage those relationships to provide a single point of contact to meet document review and other litigation support needs.


Do You Really Have Extensive eDiscovery Managed Services Experience?

Absolutely! Our experienced electronic discovery team has been implementing managed eDiscovery solutions for almost as long as the eDiscovery industry has been around! We offer a unified solution including consulting, data collection, early case assessment, data hosting, and production services that can dramatically reduce your legal spend and improve efficiency.

Where do you work?

ELIJAH has offices nationwide to support client needs. We also can perform almost all digital forensic services remotely, and eDiscovery inherently is a remote service. Geography rarely is an impediment to ELIJAH performing any of our services, whether digital forensics, eDiscovery, or cybersecurity and information technology.

You Mentioned Both electronic discovery and eDiscovery. Are they different?

Same thing. Although many clients agree that ELIJAH is the best choice for eDiscovery needs, nobody seems to be able to agree whether it's eDiscovery, E-Discovery, or electronic discovery! Whatever you call it, you are in good hands with ELIJAH.

Is ELIJAH Good at What it Does?

Absolutely, we wouldn’t have lasted for over 19 years otherwise! Our team has earned  numerous industry recognitions for best-in-class service offerings, and The Silicon Review named ELIJAH as one of the 50 most trustworthy companies in the United States. Our team has spearheaded enormous electronic discovery projects, and has a mile-long list of industry certifications and credentials.

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