Providing Expert Digital Forensics & eDiscovery Solutions in Intellectual Property Litigation Matters for Over 18 Years

A company’s confidential information and trade secrets can be among its most valuable assets. ELIJAH has over 18 years of experience providing digital forensics and electronic discovery solutions that assist organizations in safeguarding their patents, trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights, and other valuable intellectual property.

Digital forensic needs in intellectual property litigation arise in surprising contexts. For example, in patent litigation establishing prior can be a key element of claims, and the establishing the date on which an idea was documented can be vital. But how can litigants be sure that the date on a key document is authentic, given the relative ease of altering metadata? ELIJAH can assist in authenticating such records, or investigating and finding evidence establishing the unreliability of date metadata, or perhaps establishing outright fraud that can invalidate a patent entirely. This is just one of many examples of how a computer forensics expert can be a key part of the intellectual property litigation team.

Digital Forensic Intellectual Litigation

For nearly 20 years, ELIJAH has provided expert digital forensic services in intellectual property litigation matters. Our expert digital forensic services include:

  • Investigation and Authentication of Date Metadata, Such as Invention Dates and Prior Art
  • Investigation of Operating System Data for Evidence of Trade Secret Misappropriation
  • Data Mapping and Identification
  • Preservation and Identification of Key Metadata
  • Forensic Imaging & Targeted Collections
  • Remote Imaging & Collections
  • Searching and Review of Key Business Communication and Files
  • Recovery of Deleted Information
  • Authenticating Electronically Stored Information (ESI)
  • Analyzing ESI for Potential Alterations / Fabrication
  • Investigating Allegations of Evidence Spoliation
  • Digital Forensic Neutral Services
  • Expert Consulting
  • Expert Testimony

No Case is Too Big – or Too Small

ELIJAH has the scale to support the largest digital forensic and eDiscovery challenges in intellectual property litigation matters. We have an over 18-year track record of success in large-scale, bet-the-company disputes. When you need the highest level of responsiveness and expertise, our focused approach is second-to-none.

Although we routinely work on large disputes, many are under the mistaken impression that computer forensics and electronic discovery are not affordable in small cases, or that a civil litigator cannot afford digital forensic services. Nothing could be further from the truth. A targeted analysis of key devices often is quite reasonable, and can deliver a return on investment that delivers high value to attorneys and clients.

ELIJAH Delivers Efficient eDiscovery Solutions for Intellectual Property Litigation Counsel

ELIJAH leverages industry-leading electronic discovery tools help attorneys manage mountains of electronically stored information (ESI) and find the key evidence to identify recoverable assets and/or win their cases. For nearly twenty years, we have evolved efficient solutions to ESI challenges arising through the eDiscovery lifecycle, including:

Why Intellectual Property Litigation Attorneys Choose ELIJAH

ELIJAH’s corporate culture is rooted in confidentiality, integrity, and expertise. The Silicon Review recognized that commitment in naming ELIJAH as one of the 50 most trustworthy companies in the United States. Over the years, ELIJAH has received numerous industry recognitions for its award-winning digital forensics, eDiscovery, cybersecurity, and information technology expertise.

Experienced. Responsive. Trusted. Wise. These are some of the most frequent adjectives clients use to describe ELIJAH.

Finally, longevity matters. We started providing expert digital forensic services four years before the iPhone was invented. We have seen competitors emerge, grow, acquire, divest, and collapse. Some hire huge sales forces, over-promise, and under-deliver, requiring never-ending investments in sales and marketing to find new prospects. ELIJAH has stood the test of time, growing and thriving based almost entirely on repeat business and client referrals. You can trust ELIJAH to deliver the highest levels of responsiveness, judgment, and expertise, because we would not still be here otherwise.


Do You Really Have Extensive Intellectual Property Litigation Experience?

Absolutely! Our experienced digital forensic and eDiscovery team routinely works with intellectual property litigation counsel in a variety of roles, helping to maximize value for attorneys and clients.

Where do you work?

ELIJAH has offices nationwide to support client needs. We also can perform almost all digital forensic services remotely, and eDiscovery inherently is a remote service. Geography rarely is an impediment to ELIJAH performing expert computer forensic and electronic discovery services in mergers & acquisitions matters.

You Mentioned Both Computer Forensics and Digital Forensics. Are they different?

Not really. Computer forensics is an older term for the profession. As the diversity of electronic storage devices and accounts grew, most have accepted digital forensics as a more inclusive, accurate term, but many use the two interchangeably.

Is ELIJAH Good at What it Does?

Absolutely, we wouldn’t have lasted for over 18 years otherwise! Our team has won numerous industry recognitions for best-in-class service offerings, and The Silicon Review named ELIJAH as one of the 50 most trustworthy companies in the United States. Our team has testified extensively in federal and state courts, and have a mile-long list of industry certifications and credentials.

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