Mobile Device Digital Forensics Case Study: Distracted Driving

Author: Troy Babbs 2-minute read


Many people are unaware that their phones store a wealth of information about their daily lives. Extending far beyond text messages and voicemails, this information often is a treasure trove for skilled digital forensic examiners.

Forensic artifacts can be particularly important in distracted driving cases. For example, whether and how a driver was using a phone at the time of an accident could be highly relevant in determining fault. But if the person wasn’t on a phone call or sending a text, how can usage be determined?

In a recent investigation involving distracted driving, ELIJAH was able to fill in those gaps. After an automobile accident, an iPhone was discovered in the deceased driver’s car. The estate sued the other driver, claiming the accident was due to the other vehicle being mechanically unsound. ELIJAH analyzed a variety of forensic artifacts, including GPS location history, power status, and phone lock status, and was able to establish phone usage at the time of the accident. This information assisted the parties in successfully negotiating a settlement.

Clients frequently are surprised by the amount and nature of data that digital forensic experts can recover from iPhones, Androids, and other smart phones. Text messages that users think they deleted often are recoverable. Web browsing history often can be located. Even the number of steps that people take, at what times, and how far they travel sometimes is recoverable. These are just a few examples of artifacts that skilled a digital forensic expert like ELIJAH often can discover.

ELIJAH’s skilled digital forensic experts use state-of-the-art software to collect, analyze, and identify key evidence from smart phones and other physical devices, along with online repositories of electronically stored information. This information has helped lawyers and other clients successfully resolve civil, criminal, and investigative matters, reducing both risks and costs. For further information, call ELIJAH at 866-354-5240 or email

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