Updates for Family Law Practitioners

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Family Law Practitioners

Most people don’t think of family law as a high technology practice area, but practitioners routinely encounter issues that necessitate digital forensics, eDiscovery, cybersecurity, and IT expertise. Here is a sampling of how such issues can arise in family law practices:

Digital Forensics: In divorce cases, digital forensics can be critical in identifying evidence, such as hidden assets and electronic evidence relating to parental fitness. Wills and trust cases can involve issues regarding the authenticity and dates of such instruments, as well as recovery of data from decedents’ electronic storage devices. As with any contested matters, digital forensic experts can assist in preserving electronic storage devices and accounts that can contain relevant evidence. 

Electronic Discovery: Although many family law matters involve a manageable number of documents, some can be highly complex, and reviewing every document could be cost-prohibitive. eDiscovery experts can assist in providing a hosting platform that allows for efficient searching of data, including analytics tools that allow you to find key documents far faster than would be possible in a traditional legal review.

Cybersecurity: Family law matters often involve allegations of whether one spouse was “spying” on the other, such as by monitoring cell phone communications and location data, installing keylogging software, or remotely accessing systems. Cybersecurity investigations often can identify and document such misconduct.

Information Technology: Spouses going through divorce often need to ensure that previously shared accounts are secure, or set up new computer systems. In probate matters, family members might need assistance obtaining access to their loved ones’ data and accounts, and transitioning it to more secure storage locations. IT experts can facilitate this process

ELIJAH has a team of experts with experience assisting family law practitioners, and lawyers in general, with their digital forensics, eDiscovery, cybersecurity and IT needs. Please contact us today to find out more about how ELIJAH best can assist you and your clients.

Founded in 2003, ELIJAH is an industry leader in providing expert digital forensics, eDiscovery, cybersecurity, and information technology solutions. ELIJAH has received numerous recent industry recognitions for its expertise including “Digital Forensics Provider of the Year, U.S.”, "E-Discovery Company of the Year, U.S.”, and "Leading Data Security Advisor of the Year” in both Florida and Illinois.

ELIJAH offers case-based and managed services solutions to organizations of all sizes, leveraging its proprietary Dart project management software.

With joint headquarters in Chicago, Illinois and Miami, Florida and offices throughout the country, ELIJAH is called upon by a wide variety of companies, law firms, governmental entities, and others to meet their digital forensics, eDiscovery, cybersecurity, and information technology needs.

For additional information, please visit www.ElijahT.com or email info@ElijahT.com.

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