Cybersecurity Alert – Ransomware That Does More Than Encrypt Your Data

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There is a new type of Ransomware that is attacking businesses and wreaking havoc on Cybersecurity measures. This new strain called “Ekans” contains not just the encryption software, but also a type of Artificial Intelligence that targets the entire corporate network infrastructure, including servers and virtual machines. This can not only lock your data, but also disable your network.

How bad is this? If you thought that losing your data was bad, with Ekans, your entire network will be corrupted, and you may have to replace every device in your server room.

Ransomware attack

Better Cybersecurity – Six Strategies To Be Proactive Rather Than Reactive:

  1. Security Software. There are a handful of security software products that offer Ransomware protection that automatically detects if you downloaded a file containing Ransomware. This software will delete the file before you can open it. For some security software providers, this protection is provided with an additional product purchase. Only one or two security companies offer a Ransomware Vaccine that is built into the Anti-Virus product. Check with your IT provider to see if your security software provides this protection.
  2. Put security software on all computers. Most Macintosh computer owners are of the belief that Apple computers never get an infection, Did you know that Mac computer infection is up at least 20% in the past few years, as the new variations of Ransomware are written for both PC and Mac computers?
  3. Data Backups should be stored off-site. The biggest problem with having an on-site data backup is that when the computers and network are infected, all devices attached to any computer at the time of the infection, are also infected. So, if you have an external hard drive plugged into your workstation or server, that device will be infected too. Off-site backups should be incremental, to allow for the ability to go back to a previous day & time to recover the uninfected data. The best solution is to have a data backup solution in a Data Center, where the backup is placed on a different network (i.e. IP address) to protect against infection.
  4. Advanced Threat Protection. Microsoft Office 365 offers a product that will scan all attachments in an email prior to the document being opened. If it is deemed malicious, it will be deleted.
  5. Microsoft Office 365 data is not automatically backed up. Make sure to work with your trusted IT Provider to ensure that your data is being properly backed up.
  6. Training, Training, Training. You need to educate your staff on what not to click. All it takes is for one employee to click on one bad link. Your trusted IT Provider can assist with training and corporate education.

To ensure optimal Cybersecurity, follow the above suggestions, and always enlist the help of your trusted Cybersecurity and Managed IT Experts.


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