How Secure Is Your Email From Infection?

Author: Jon Isenberg 2-minute read

How often do you visit the Web – not just opening a web browser and surfing to your favorite website, but using your email as well? In 2018, less than 5% of all email is managed by an Exchange Server, which means that 95% of all email relies on the internet.

Internet mail is defined as opening up a web browser or an Outlook client to access your email. This can include mail from the following sources, as an example:


The question becomes – how secure is your mail? Is there a mail service that is blocking your mail from hackers or from infections? Probably not, unless you are using software specifically for this purpose.

Microsoft Office

One of the software products that can be used for this purpose is Advanced Threat Protection. This software, offered by Microsoft for its Office 365 product line, helps protect your organization from malicious attacks. This is achieved by:

  • Scanning email attachments for malware with ATP Safe Attachments. This feature checks to see if email attachments are malicious, then takes action to protect your organization.
  • Scanning web addresses (URLs) in email messages and Office documents with ATP Safe Links. This feature provides a time-of-click verification of web addresses to verify that they are not malicious.
  • Identifying and blocking malicious files in online libraries with ATP for SharePoint, OneDrive and Microsoft Teams. This feature helps detect and block files that are identified as malicious in team sites and document libraries.
  • Checking email messages for unauthorized spoofing with Spoof Intelligence. This feature can review senders who are spoofing your domain and then choose to allow or block the sender.
  • Detecting when someone attempts to impersonate your users and your organization’s custom domains with ATP anti-phishing capabilities in Office 365. This feature checks incoming messages for indicators that the message may be phishing. If it is, this feature will block the inbound message.

The Advanced Threat Protection works well and does not interact with Security Software on a computer, as most security software packages do not provide the same level of malicious scanning protection that the Office 365 ATP offers.

Your security for your computer and email are necessary for your business to survive. Failure to properly plan for a potential infection could cripple or close your business. Work with your trusted Managed IT Professional who can recommend the necessary software to protect your business.


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