3 Key Things You Should Be Doing For Your Company’s Cybersecurity

Author: Jon Isenberg 2-minute read

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From a one person business to a 10,000+ person business, Cybersecurity applies to companies of all sizes. Not only do all businesses need it, but most businesses need to improve it. Cyber criminals and hackers are getting more creative and aggressive every day, and the average cybersecurity team is struggling to keep ahead. So, what should you do today?


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All businesses need to develop a plan for a potential cyber-attack. But what works for one business may not work for the next business. One size does not fit all. There are several guidelines that need to be considered before creating a plan. You also need to understand the business, how it works, and where your critical business operations fit into it. Do you need to protect customer data? Or your data? Do you have to follow any special regulations, such as HIPPA? Before a strategy can begin to take place, you need to know what you are working towards.

In order to protect your assets, you need to identify the assets that need to be protected. Items such as: applications, databases, networks, websites, other assets, etc. Businesses also need to know what those assets are connected to and what is currently protecting them. Once all of this is identified, these assets and items need to be tested for weaknesses.

Employees are often the weakest link in cybersecurity, and all employees need to be educated in order to help identify and ward off a possible attack. These attacks usually come in the form of email (phishing attacks) whereby a hacker embeds malware in an attachment or link and an unsuspecting employee activates it. In order to help bolster cybersecurity, proper training needs to be communicated with all employees – including management.


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